WP-Lister Pro Plugin Download v2.0 Free GPL for Amazon | Gfx Update

WP-Lister Pro Plugin Download

WP-Lister Pro Plugin Download v2.0 – GPL WordPress premium Plugins Free | Gfx Update

WP-Lister Pro Plugin Download free v2.0 available. List products from WordPress on Amazon

You want to sell your products on Amazon and your website? You’ve come to the right place. WP-Lister for Amazon integrates your WooCommerce product catalog with your inventory on Amazon.

You will save an enormous amount of time (and money) by not having to enter all your product details twice. But more importantly, WP-Lister Pro for Amazon will take care of keeping your inventory in sync by automatically reducing the stock quantity in WooCommerce when an item is sold on Amazon – and vice versa.

There are multiple ways to use WP-Lister for Amazon – depending on whether your products already exist on Amazon:

  • Import your existing products from Amazon to WooCommerce
  • Match and link WooCommerce products to existing products on Amazon
  • Create new products on Amazon from your products in WooCommerce
WP-Lister PRO for Amazon Features
  • Create new product pages on Amazon using product details from WooCommerce
  • Match WooCommerce products to Amazon products by Title, SKU or custom attributes
  • Import product title, images and attributes from Amazon
  • Reduce stock quantity in WooCommerce when an item is sold on Amazon
  • Update inventory on Amazon when a product is sold or changed in WooCommerce
  • Create variations from Amazon as variable products in WooCommerce
  • Create orders in WooCommerce from sales on Amazon
  • Map WooCommerce product attributes to Amazon feed columns
  • Fetch and display listing quality alerts
  • Update lowest price information automatically
  • Repricing Tool: adjust your price depending on the lowest price on Amazon
  • FBA Support: fulfill non-Amazon orders via FBA

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= 2.0 – 2021-08-28 =
* New: Create separate size maps for different size fields using the new “Custom Size Mapping” option
* New: Added a “Default Ship From Address” option on the Advanced Settings page
* New: Added support for the Variable Product Part product type
* New: Variable Product Part support for ATUM Product Levels plugin
* New: Shipping tracking support for YITH WooCommerce Order Tracking plugin
* New: Added the Hermes UK shipping provider
* New: Store the IOSS number as order line item meta when creating orders in WooCommerce
* Tweak: Changed the size map select boxes into autocomplete input boxes to allow custom values to be used
* Tweak: Size column mapping: attribute shortcodes are executed first and all custom sizes are transformed to lowercase
* Fixed: FBA tracking was not getting processed if background inventory checking was enabled
* Fixed: Sync product bundle products after increasing and decreasing stocks (WooCommerce Product Bundles)
* Fixed: Fixed the shipped date and carrier-code for DHL (YITH Order Tracking)
* Fixed: Disable transactional emails (WooCommerce Germanized)
* Fixed: Added missing description for the Gift Wrap Options setting
* Fixed: Make sure to leave carrier-name field empty if carrier-code is not “Other”
* Fixed: Perform some additional checks to prevent rare issues with 3rd party plugins
* Fixed: Warning “Required parameter follows optional parameter” on PHP8
* Fixed: Possible fatal error when product price returned is not a number
* Fixed: Newly matched variations were not inheriting the parent’s profile
* Fixed: MSRP in the Repricer was not displaying the correct price
* Dev: Added filter wpla_shipping_total
* Dev: Added parameter to the wpla_order_builder_line_item filter
* Dev: Database upgrade to version 53 – added indices to feeds and orders tables

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