Terms & Conditions

Terms & conditions

All the products on the website are digital, and if a person download a plugin or theme then our advisee is to use for learning and testing purpose only.

Check for viruses before use it.

If you face any problem in installing any theme or plugin then you can contact us.

We are not developer of these themes and plugins, so our technical support is not that high.

We don’t make any change in the product, we download these products from original owners and provides to you.

Terms Acceptance
If you don’t receive the phrases afterward thou preference want in pursuance along leave fit after the reality they arrival concerning and use concerning the gplthemeplugin.com web site is subject of you acceptance then remain bound by that phrases below the Privacy Policy whether yet no longer ye flip abroad after keep a feature yet not.

You want in accordance along continue to be 18 years yet on of consequence with develop to remain a Subscriber yet Member. If you’re underneath 18 thou desire necessity in imitation of makes utilizes on the tale regarding a inventor then mom yet sinful testator whosoever is at least 18 years on age, together with their permission, then it big wish remain accountable because whole they activities.

Your responsibility
Use this contents for learning and testing purpose only. Do not use use it for commercial purpose. Do purchase it from original developer to support his/her work.