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Admin Menu Editor Download

Admin Menu Editor Download Pro v2.15 – WordPress GPL Plugin Download | Gfx Update

Admin Menu Editor Download plugin free v2.15 available. Make WordPress Simpler and Easier to Use for Clients

Admin Menu Editor Pro GPL lets you manually edit the Dashboard menu. your can reorder the menus, show/hide specific items, change permissions, and more.

Admin Menu Editor Pro allows you to hide menus from roles or users, organize the menu with drag and drop, change the icons from over 600 menu icons, create new menu items, change menu colors, make menus open in a new tab or iframe, edit the admin bar, apply your branding and much more.

Admin Menu Editor Pro WordPress Plugin Features
  • Hide menus from roles or users
  • Organize the menu with drag and drop
  • Choose from over 600 menu icons
  • Change menu colors
  • Create new menu items
  • Make menus open in a new tab or an iframe
  • Import and export menu settings
  • Hide plugins
  • Apply your branding
  • Edit the Admin Bar

Admin Menu Editor Download for developers just for testing purpose. Admin Menu Editor GPL latest for everyone but support original developer with buying this beautiful product. Visit again for updated version for Admin Menu Editor premium edition. You may face few ads in our site before get Admin Menu Editor free download. Please support us to bring new contents like this.

= 2.15 (2021-07-28) =
##### Added
* Added experimental support for three level menus. This lets you create deeply nested menus such as “Menu -> Submenu -> Nested Submenu”. Due to risk of conlicts and bugs, this feature is disabled by default. To enable it, go to the “Settings” tab and set “Three level menus” to “Enabled”.

##### Fixed
* Fixed a conflict with bbPress where, if you used the “Custom” setting in the “Editable roles” screen, it would be impossible to edit users who had any bbPress roles even when those roles were enabled.
* Fixed a few jQuery deprecation warnings.
* Fixed a warning about using the deprecated filter “allowed_block_types”.
* Fixed an “Undefined array key” warning that could appear if another plugin created a user role that did not have a “capabilities” key.
* Fixed a minor BuddyBoss Platform compatibility issue where the menu editor would show a “BuddyBoss -> BuddyBoss” menu item that was not present in the actual admin menu. The item is created by BuddyBoss Platform, but it is apparently intended to be hidden.

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