Yoast News SEO Premium WordPress v12.8 – GPL – Free Download

Yoast News SEO Premium

Yoast News SEO Premium v12.8 – WordPress Plugin Download

Yoast News SEO Premium plugin free download v12.8 available. Optimize your site for Google News

“Being a publisher requires that you’re listed in Google News, as it can provide you with more visibility and visitors. News SEO by Yoast makes sure we can keep up to date with the changing requirements by Google. In addition to the Yoast SEO plugin, which we’re already using, it’s a must-have for everybody wanting to be included in Google News.”

Advanced News SEO by Yoast SEO

The module allows you to do a bit more advanced News SEO by allowing you to decide whether a specific article should be in the Google News XML sitemap, set a genre, define stock tickers, and choose whether to index it.

Exclude categories

With the News SEO plugin, you can easily disable specific categories that shouldn’t be included in the Google News XML sitemap. You can select them after you enabled certain post types.


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### 12.8: July 13th, 2021
* Adds key/value pairs of all News SEO meta tags to our REST API.
* Improves the performance of the news sitemap. Props to [archon810](https://github.com/archon810).

* Fixes a bug where a database query including duplicate column names would fail on certain database systems.

* Adds a filter to override the decision to omit an item from the news sitemap. Props to [joneslloyd](https://github.com/joneslloyd).
* Sets the minimum WordPress version to 5.6.

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