YITH Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts v2.1.7 Free GPL Plugin

YITH Dynamic Pricing Discounts

YITH Dynamic Pricing Discounts v2.1.7 – GPL WordPress Plugins Free Download | Gfx Update

Free download YITH Dynamic Pricing Discounts plugin v2.1.7 available. Increase conversions through dynamic discounts and price rules and build powerful and targeted offers.

Imagine walking down the street in the city center, surrounded by any kind of shop. Which are the shop windows that catch your attention? The answer is simple: those that offer particular promotions and discounts. Colored posters that present end-of-season sales, buy two get three, or everything at $10 until the end of the week: these are only some of the most used tricks for commercial activities.

Use the same marketing tricks in your shop using YITH WooCommerce Dynamic pricing and discount: a powerful tool to create targeted promotions to catch your customers’ attention and loyalize them day after day. It’s a plugin that gives dynamism to your e-commerce and lets you increase the visits – and consequently the sales – taking advantage of the fundamental marketing strategies.

Discounts, special prices, promotions, bonuses, free products: there are no limits but your own imagination: with just one plugin, you will be able to build hundreds of promotions to boost up your shop.

Woocommerce YITH Dynamic Pricing & Discounts FEATURES
  • Apply discounts on all your products
  • Apply the discount to products belonging to a specific category
  • Set a percentage discount
  • Create one or more discount rules to apply to the cart total optionally verifying the following requirements:
    • cart total amount
    • user’s name and role
    • number of orders placed by the user
    • total amount of the purchases previously made by the user
    • number of products in the cart
    • product quantity in the cart
  • Offer one or more free products through the “Gift products” feature based on the total products in cart or on a minimum cart subtotal New
  • Exclude some products, categories, tags or on-sale products, so that none of the cart rules you’ve set up applies to them.
  • Apply the discount to the cart including or excluding taxes
  • Enable free shipping on Cart rule
  • Create one or more discount rule based on the product quantity added to the cart
  • Select for each rule the products that will trigger the discount
  • Choose the products to which the discount applies: all, selected products, tags, categories
  • Choose the users who can benefit from the discount: all, selected users, or by user role
  • Combine two or more rules
  • Schedule the discount rule by setting up a start and end date
  • Show the price on the product page in a table: you can list the product prices by quantity
  • Show the price table horizontally or vertically
  • Show custom messages on discounted products and on those that will grant a discount if added to the cart
  • Choose whether to apply the discount to on-sale products or not
  • Choose whether to apply the discount if a coupon code is used or not
  • Set the price format on the product page
  • Show discounted price on the Shop page
  • Show a custom message in cart to inform user about how much they’re saving with the current order New
  • Enable the shop manager to manage all the discount rules
  • Choose whether to show the total discount in cart as itemized or not New
  • Clone a discount rule

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2.1.7 – Released on 07 May 2021
New: Support for WooCommerce 5.3
Update: YITH plugin framework
Fix: Issues with cart conditions on cart rules

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