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YITH Cost of Goods for WooCommerce Premium v1.2.16 GPL Download

YITH Cost of Goods for WooCommerce Premium v1.2.16 – WordPress GPL Plugin Download | Gfx Update

Cost of Goods Download plugin free download v1.2.16 available. Check easily and fast the real profit margin on the sale of your products. your can spot and remove from your catalog those products at a loss. spot and strengthen your marketing strategies for the products with a high-profit margin.

Subtract the costs from your revenue and you get the profit, your actual gain. This is one of those laws we learn in school and that we all end up taking for granted. Then we actually end up forgetting about it, when we decide to start a business.

And often we will start looking for a reason why our business is failing when it’s already too late. You wonder how the margins of your earnings could be so low when sales were fine.

You wonder why, despite fifty orders per day, your business kept dying, little by little every day, until the company accounts have inevitably gone in red.

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