wpDiscuz – myCRED Integration v7.00 – GPL – Premium

myCRED Integration Premium plugin

wpDiscuz – myCRED Integration v7.00 – WordPress Plugin Download

wpDiscuz myCRED Integration free plugin download v7.00 available.

This addon integrates wpDiscuz with myCRED plugin. myCRED is an adaptive points management tool to help you build reward programs, monetize your website or just reward users with points for posting comments or publishing content. And now you can use this system with wpDiscuz comment plugin. This addon allows these two awesome plugins work together. Comment authors get points if their comments have been liked/voted up, and they’ll loss points in cases dislikes/down votes. This «Like to Point» feature also works for voters, they can get certain amount of points for comment voting. wpDiscuz – myCRED Integration addon also displays member badges and ranks under comment author avatar and label.

wpDiscuz – myCRED Integration addon Features

  • wpDiscuz Comment likes/dislikes to myCRED Points conversion
  • Integrates myCRED Badges and Ranks with wpDiscuz.
  • Displays members earned  badge and rank images under comment author avatar and label.
  • Responsive  myCRED Badges and Ranks look nice on any screen dimension
  • RTL Ready
  • myCRED Hooks admin page:
  • Adds wpDiscuz hook widget
  • Enable/Disable «Comment Like to Point» conversion
  • Option to set amount of Up and Down Points for liked/voted comment author
  • Option to set amount of Up and Down Points for members who liked/voted other comments
  • Display/Hide member Badges on comment list under user avatar
  • Display/Hide member Ranks on comment list under user avatar
  • Log template

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