WP Rocket Premium v3.9.1 – WordPress Caching Plugin – GPL

WP Rocket Premium plugin

WP Rocket Premium plugin v3.9.1 – WordPress Plugin Download

WP Rocket Premium plugin free download v3.9.1 available. Speed Up Your Website in a Few Clicks

WP Rocket is the most powerful caching plugin in the world. Use it to improve the speed of your WordPress site, SEO rankings and conversions. No coding required.

What’s included with WP Rocket?

Quick Setup
Page Caching
Cache Preloading
Sitemap Preloading
GZIP Compression
Browser Caching
Database Optimization
Google Fonts Optimization
Minification / Concatenation
Defer JS Loading
Cloudflare Compatibility
DNS Prefetching
Mobile Detection
Multisite Compatibility
eCommerce Friendly
Multilingual Compatibility
Connected Users
Developer Friendly


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3.9.1 July 21, 2021
Enhancement: Improve Google Fonts Optimization by preloading and asychronously loading the Google Fonts URL (#2772)
Enhancement: Automatically exclude invalid script types from delay JS (#3944, #4158)
Enhancement: Improve helper text for the delay JS exclusions field (#4044)
Enhancement: Remove Cloudflare cache purge button from WP Rocket admin bar (#3112)
Bugfix: Prevent high CPU usage on some hosts when using remove unused CSS (#4072)
Bugfix: Update our minification library to fix several issues (#3698, #3398, #3279, #2083)
3rd party compatibility: Prevent display issue of the images gallery on a WooCommerce product page when delay JS is enabled (#4077)
3rd party compatibility: Add additional exclusions from combine/defer JS (#4009, #4012, #3984, #4048, #4068, #4128)

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