WP Pro Advertising System v1.5.4 – GPL – Free Download

WP Pro Advertising System

WP Pro Advertising System v1.5.4 – WordPress Plugin Download

WP Pro Advertising System plugin free download v1.5.4 available. The WP PRO Advertising System WordPress Plugin approves thou in imitation of control commercials concerning thy WordPress site. It has much husky functions in imitation of yoke advertisements about thy website, rule advertisers, campaigns, banners & ad-zones entire within just a few seconds.

Besides including everyday banners that plugin lets in ye in accordance with beget Corner Peel Ads, Popup Banners or you execute even transform your post/page backgrounds in advertisements. It additionally tracks clicks, impressions & CTR in accordance with give you dead tidy then clear statistics.

Hot on account that the 5.0 update is the Visual Banner Creator! Create lovely brisk HTML 5 banners the use of the construct in Drag & Drop designer.

Long representation short, If you are searching because of a simple, easy or very expert pathway after superintend classified ads about thine website that plugin is as you’re looking for!

Main Features

Creating profiles because of you advertisers, link banners to their money owed then hold a fair overview upon what’s going on advertising wise about thy website.


Create more than one marketing campaigns because of every advertiser. Campaigns permit ye according to conduct ads of unique days of the week, often yet simply according to crew a mass of banners together.


Create lovely understanding vivid HTML5 banners the usage of the built-in Visual Banner Creator! You perform pick among multiple options to accumulate yet effect banners.

  1. Upload a sign beyond thine laptop or Link an external banner
  2. Paste HTML Code (adSense, iframes, HTML5, SVG, …)
  3. Create thy very own elastic HTML5 banners the usage of our Visual Banner Creator.


You may place adzones anywhere ye need on your website. As quickly so ye link a flag in imitation of an adzone it intention keep seen regarding thy site. Adzones be able stand any size. There are four methods to conjoin adzones according to your website.

  1. Template tag: a PHP feature thou can include among you template.
  2. Short-code: a short-code ye be able usage inner you posts/pages.
  3. Widgets: Use the custom Pro Ads widget after exhibit your commercials within the sidebar yet harm areas.
  4. Iframes: this option too lets in ye to receive you advertisements backyard regarding the primary website. Now ye execute place you ads on each website ye necessity however nevertheless monitoring to them out of 1 admin panel!


Keep a fair then white overview on whether deep impressions/clicks your commercials find yet reckon the CTR because of each and every banner, ad-zone, marketing campaign or advertiser. It’s also possible in accordance with export facts in accordance with PDF.

Beside the banner information, the plugin additionally tracks specific user information because every click on yet impression.


Make certain your traffic don’t be brought according to recommend incoherent advertisements. Show particular relevant banners based regarding the user’s device, driver and cellular telephone brand.


Make assured your banners exhibit at the right place at the appropriate time! The construct between sign triggers allow you according to exhibit banners so customers volume to a specific function on the page or afterward a specific aggregate regarding time.


Open your Ad-zones as much a Popup after track the user’s attention! Every popup execute be personalized differently. You may modify the background color or the imprecision over the popup history the usage of the simple Short-code Editor.


Transform you background between an advertisement. Ad-zones can remain loaded as much heritage ads about anybody post/page. Every post/page do hold a distinct advertising background.


One concerning the alternatives in imitation of add banners in conformity with you internet site is by means of [short-codes]. To fulfill it too easier we included a Short-code Editor that intention effect the short-codes because of you, exactly the way thou want.


Show advertisements concerning someone device.


Add commercials in imitation of your MailChimp Newsletters. All ad-zones have their very own RSS eat who makes such viable in imitation of assign your banners of MailChimp then show them in thine newsletters.

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