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Migrate DB Pro Download

WP Migrate DB Pro Download v2.1 – GPL WordPress premium Plugins Free | Gfx Update

Migrate DB Pro Download plugin free v1.5.4 available. The WordPress Site Migration Plugin Most Trusted by Experts

Install WP Migrate DB Pro on two or more WordPress sites and simply push/pull the database, media, themes, and plugins between those sites.

The perfect workflow tool for thousands of professional WordPress developers.

Still “manually” migrating WordPress sites?

Are you exporting the database with phpMyAdmin, SequelAce, or some other database tool and then running a find & replace on the SQL file? And then you still have to use FTP to download your media, themes, and plugins!

We both know that isn’t ideal.

The WordPress Site Migration Plugin Most Trusted by Experts

WP Migrate DB Pro fits neatly into your developer workflow, giving you seamless migrations between localhost and live.

Let’s face it, WordPress database migrations can suck.

Doing it manually with SQL export files, using an insecure script on your server, or using a clunky backup-restore plugin are all productivity killers. Not to mention stress.

Running a WordPress database migration shouldn’t involve blood, sweat, and tears.

Search and Replace
WordPress stores both the site URL and the site directory in the database. This is different for every site environment like local and staging sites.WP Migrate DB Pro detects this data and handles the search and replace during the migration.WP Migrate DB Pro replaces data in post content, pages, widgets, options, and metadata. It also handles content created by the Block Editor.

Serialized data
Why not just export the database and run a find & replace on the SQL file? Easy enough, right? Wrong. Any replacement applied to data that uses PHP serialization (e.g. widgets) will corrupt the serialization and result in an empty string when unserialized.WP Migrate DB Pro detects serialized data and runs a special find. replace on it ensuring that the data is not corrupted.

Database Backups
Select the backup option before running a migration and your database will first be backed up before running the migration and replacing it. Backups provide peace of mind but also allow you to version your database, allowing you to go back in time and recover things that have changed that shouldn’t have.


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2.1 – Aug 04, 2021
New: Regular expression custom find and replace
New: Case-sensitive custom find and replace
Improvement: Show a notice when the REST API is disabled or inaccessible
Improvement: Allow the tables select area to be expanded
Improvement: Allow a table range selection and deselection, using the mouse and a keyboard shortcut (Shift + Click)
Bug fix: Exclude file patterns were skipped when separated by an extra newline

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