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WP Fusion Plugin Download

WP Fusion Plugin Download v3.38.0 – GPL WordPress premium Plugins Free | Gfx Update

WP Fusion Plugin Download free v3.38.0 available. Marketing Automation for WordPress. Connect WordPress to anything.

WP Fusion has helped thousands of individuals and businesses save time and increase revenue via marketing automation. WP Fusion Plugin includes support for dozens of WordPress plugins, allowing you to connect your membership site, store, learning management system, and more to your CRM.

WP Fusion Marketing Automation for WordPress Plugin Features
  • Control access to content with CRM tags
  • Track purchases and subscription statuses
  • Send form submissions to your CRM
  • Recover abandoned carts
  • Engage students based on course progress
  • Track last logins and stale accounts
  • Email customers based on purchase history
  • Award badges and achievements using timers and logic
  • Collect extended user profile data
  • Display CRM data within WordPress
  • Update lifetime values and order numbers
  • Sync user accounts between sites

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= 3.38.0 – 8/16/2021 =

* Big cleanup and refactoring with improvements for security, internationalization, and documentation
* Added [If-So Dynamic Content integration](https://wpfusion.com/documentation/other/if-so/)
* Added support for syncing the [Zoom meeting ID and join URL with FooEvents](https://wpfusion.com/documentation/events/fooevents/#zoom)
* Added View in CRM URL for Jetpack CRM
* Added GDPR Consent Date, Agreed to Terms Date, and Marketing Consent Date fields for sync with Groundhogg
* Improved – Guest registrations will log whether a contact is being created or updated
* Fixed XProfile fields First Name and Last Name not syncing during a new BuddyBoss user registration
* Fixed filtering by CRM tag not working in Users Insights
* Fixed user profile updates overwriting Jetpack CRM contacts
* Fixed initial default field mapping not being stored after setup until the settings were saved the first time
* Fixed logs getting flushed when hitting Enter in the pagination box
* Fixed expiration date not being synced after a Restrict Content Pro renewal
* Fixed bbPress forum archive not being protected when Filter Queries was on
* Deleted unused XMLRPC modules in the Infusionsoft iSDK
* Developers: Added function `wpf_get_option()` (alternative for `wp_fusion()->settings->get()`)
* Developers: Added sanitization functionn `wpf_clean()`
* Developers: Deprecated `wp_fusion()->settings->get_all()`
* Developers: Changed `wp_fusion()->settings->set_all( $options )` to `wp_fusion()->settings->set_multiple( $options )`

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