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WooCommerce Anti-Fraud v2.7.3 – GPL – Free Download

WooCommerce Anti-Fraud v2.7.3 – WordPress Plugin Download

Anti-Fraud free download plugin v2.7.3 available. Quickly realize false transactions concerning your WooCommerce store

It is unfortunate, but true, as false transactions fuel a widespread area over the ecommerce industry. When a fraudulent traffic is made by thy on-line store, it is concerning paramount worth after object rapidly in conformity with 1) ensure thine clients aren’t affected or 2) minimise hassles because of you, as much the shop owner.

Our WooCommerce Anti-Fraud expansion is designed according to assist ye pick above fraudulent transactions or seize to them as like he appear – by scanning then imparting a score for each traffic taken by you on line store, primarily based regarding a embark about advanced scoring rules.

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