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Ultimate GDPR & CCPA Compliance Toolkit v3.0 GPL Plugin WordPress

Ultimate GDPR CCPA Compliance Toolkit v3.0 – WordPress GPL Plugin Download | Gfx Update

GDPR CCPA Compliance Toolkit plugin free download v1.5.4 available. THE ONLY GDPR & CCPA COMPLIANCE TOOLKIT YOU NEED FOR WORDPRESS

The General Data Protection Regulation standardizes data protection law across all twenty-eight EU countries and imposes strict new rules on controlling and processing identifiable information. All websites collecting data from EU citizens must meet these GDPR requirements. Failure to comply can result in fines up to €20 million or 4% global turnover, or compensation claims for damages incurred. You may also face damage to your reputation and lose the trust of customers. So, if your website is frequented by visitors in the European Union, it pays to be prepared.

Please note: you may know the GDPR under a different name, like AVG, RODO, “Cookie law”, DSG, DSGVO, RPDG, RGDP, “data protection law” – all these names refer to the same law and are covered by our Ultimate GDPR & CCPA WordPress plugin

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