Slider Revolution Plugin Download v6.5.10 Free GPL WordPress

Slider Revolution Plugin Download

Slider Revolution Plugin Download v6.5.10 – GPL WordPress premium Plugins Free Download | Gfx Update

Slider Revolution plugin download free v6.5.10 available. This versatile WordPress plugin helps beginner-and mid-level designers wow their clients with pro-level visuals.

This versatile WordPress plugin helps beginner-and mid-level designers WOW their clients with pro-level visuals. You’ll be able to create anything you can imagine, not just amazing, responsive sliders:


Our goal is to deliver the ultimate experience to our loyal users. Version 6 of the Slider Revolution WordPress Builder has an optimized editor with all options categorized intuitively, so you can work faster.

  • Better usability
  • Work faster & more efficiently
  • Eye friendly dark user interface
  • Improved loading times

To fuel Slider Revolution’s new UI and features, we prepared a large selection of high-quality content for you to enhance your web projects immediately.

  • Many New templates
  • New images, videos, icons, etc.
  • Premade layer groups
  • Quick style layer presets
  • Add-Ons

Slider Revolution Plugin Download for developers just for testing purpose. Slider Revolution GPL latest for everyone but support original developer with buying this beautiful product. Visit again for updated version for Slider Revolution premium edition. You may face few ads in our site before get Slider Revolution free download. Please support us to bring new contents like this.

Version 6.5.10 (17th November 2021)
Fullwidth layout in combination with Timeline based scroll will allow optional to pull content now
Slider Revolution meta box now shows on all custom post types

Fast scrolling on some third party themes creates behavioral issue for scroll based sliders
Entering in fullscreen mode does not re-stretch the images in carousel mode
Vimeo video’s “Tap to unmute” button does not work on Android
Image position shifted if Vertical middle aligned images added on Mobile sizes
Video layers with No Interaction also ignore a tag links added to the layer
Columns without content but with image background do not recognise Layer actions like mouseenter, click, mouseleave
Few random presets for BG animation were not working
Scroll to ID doesn’t work correctly if viewport loading is on
Slider navigation does not work in fixed on top slider

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