SearchWP Free Plugin Download v4.1.22 GPL – Core Files | Gfx Update

SearchWP Free Plugin Download

SearchWP Free Plugin Download v4.1.22 – GPL WordPress premium Plugins | Gfx Update

SearchWP Free Plugin Download v4.1.22 available. SearchWP makes Custom Fields searchable!

Custom Fields (post meta) are completely ignored by WordPress search! Use SearchWP to instantly make all of your valuable data searchable.

SearchWP works with all Custom Fields in any way you’d like, including data from popular plugins like:

SearchWP knows Taxonomies & Shortcodes

Taxonomy terms like Categories and Tags contain fantastic, search-oriented content.

Native WordPress search isn’t able to consider that content.

Shortcodes are immensely popular in WordPress, but native WordPress search isn’t able to work with the output.

SearchWP allows you to incorporate taxonomy terms and Shortcode output in your search operation!

WordPress already has search functionality, SearchWP steps in by integrating with your existing search form and results template.

There is no coding necessary to replace your existing keyword search form or results template! SearchWP automatically integrates with native WordPress search forms in:

Unlike WordPress, SearchWP returns results based on relevance from the content you want to search. Gone are the days of missing content types, omitted results, and bad sorting!

SearchWP integrates with your existing search results template, sorting results based on the content & criteria you choose, including:

  • Custom Fields (post metadata) including ACF Fields
  • Ecommerce product details, variations, & attributes
  • Categories, Tags, custom taxonomies
  • Shortcode output
  • Document content (PDF, .docx, .txt, etc.)
  • Custom database table content

SearchWP Free Plugin Download for developers just for testing purpose. SearchWP GPL latest for everyone but support original developer with buying this beautiful product. Visit again for updated version for SearchWP premium edition. You may face few ads in our site before get SearchWP free download. Please support us to bring new contents like this.

– **[Fix]** Synonym application too broad in some cases
– **[Fix]** Document content reindexing in some cases
– **[Fix]** Missing method reference in Comment source
– **[Fix]** Forced phrase search returns no results if the search string doesn’t contain non-phrase tokens
– **[Improvement]** Search string normalization
– **[Improvement]** String highlight application when synonyms are applied
– **[Improvement]** Handling of double quotes in synonym logic in some cases

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