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Oxy Toolbox Plugin Download

Oxy Toolbox Plugin Download v1.5.4 – GPL WordPress premium Plugins Free | Gfx Update

Oxy Toolbox Plugin Download free v1.5.4 available. Oxy Toolbox adds several time-saving and useful features for the Oxygen builder. Each module and option can be enabled and disabled individually.

  • Move all the styles from id to a class incl. those attached to pseudo-classes like :hover and pseudo-elements like ::before and ::after.
  • Copy classes for variations. Ex.: btn-bluebtn-red.
  • Reset all the styles for the class/id.
  • Rename classes throughout the site across all Pages/Templates etc. without manually removing the class, adding a new class and re-adding all the properties.
  • Scan for and delete all the unused classes sitewide i.e., classes that have not been assigned to any elements.
  • Enables you to manage the number of revisions in Oxygen.

Oxy Toolbox Plugin Download for developers just for testing purpose. Oxy Toolbox GPL latest for everyone but support original developer with buying this beautiful product. Visit Gfxupdate.com again for updated version for Oxy Toolbox premium edition. You may face few ads in our site before get Oxy Toolbox free download. Please support us to bring new contents like this.

= v1.5.4 ( Aug 17, 2021 ) =
* [Text Edit] Fixed a couple of notices.
* [Conditions] Added “User has written” condition which enables you to output elements depending on whether or not the current user viewing the page has written at least 1 item of the selected post type. Screenshot: https://d.pr/i/u5H57E.
* [Conditions] Fixed Country condition detection. If the condition is already being used, please remove and re-apply.

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