Content Protector for WordPress v1.0.5 – Prevent Your Content from Copy

Content Protector WordPress plugin

Content Protector WordPress plugin v1.0.5 – Prevent Your Content from Being Copied Plugin Download

Content Protector WordPress plugin free download v1.0.5 available. Content Protection for your WordPress website.

Protect your online content from being copied. Just install a small plugin on your website and Content Protector for WordPress defend web content from being plagiarized. The plugin completely blocks all methods of copying content: selection, hot-keys, developer’s tools and right-click menu.

  • Have any negative impact on your SEO.
  • Have any negative effect on your Advertising, such as Adsense.
  • Give 100% protection. There are still ways to copy the content, albeit more troublesome.

The Content Protector for WordPress preventing content theft by 95% of typical users. And flexible options allow you to customize each parameter. The plugin is quiet and invisible for regular users, but fast and reliable for those who are trying to steal your content.


Content Protector WordPress plugin for developers just for testing purpose. GPL Content Protector free download for everyone but support original developer with buying this beautiful product. Visit again for updated version for Content Protector premium edition. You may face few ads in our site before get Content Protector free download. Please support us to bring new contents like this.

1.0.6 (15 July 2021)
Disable content protector for Elementor editor in the backend

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