AX Social Stream Download Premium v3.9.0 Free GPL Plugin

AX Social Stream Download

AX Social Stream Download v3.9.0 – GPL WordPress premium Plugins Free Download | Gfx Update

AX Social Stream Download plugin free v3.9.0 available. broadcast all your social network news, photos, videos and updates from multiple social network accounts as a single stream

AX Social Stream is the best WordPress plugin for those who are looking for an easy way to combine all of their social networking activities into one single social stream and display it on their website.
With this plugin you can create a stylish fascinating social media feed including multiple social media pages/groups/accounts with multiple feed options, and can display them in 8 different layouts including Wall, Grid, Carousel, Timeline, Rotating Feed, Sticky Rotating Feed, Ajax Tabbed Feed & Sticky Ajax Tabbed Feed. You can add as many as public Facebook pages, Twitter accounts or Instagram accounts managed by you or any other publisher.
It supports 14 and growing social networks and includes about 29 feed options.
Your visitors will be able to share your posts on their social accounts or reply, retweet or favorite the Twitter posts from your Social Stream. They can even filter your Social Stream by social networks or using a search phrase.
You can also change the style of your Social Stream using the theme manager and/or custom CSS stylesheets, and make it unique to your website.

Main Usages:
  • To broadcast all your social network news, photos, videos and updates from multiple social network accounts as a single stream to your visitors.
  • To create a single social stream for multiple social network accounts with multiple profiles.
  • To create a multi-network photo or video gallery on your website.
  • To create a news stream from multiple RSS feeds on your website.
  • To create social stream of Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or VK social networks related to a specific search term or hashtag from multiple social media channels on your website.

AX Social Stream Download for developers just for testing purpose. AX Social Stream GPL latest for everyone but support original developer with buying this beautiful product. Visit again for updated version for AX Social Stream premium edition. You may face few ads in our site before get AX Social Stream free download. Please support us to bring new contents like this.

= 3.9.0 – 23.07.2021 =
– Some code structure quality fixes.

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