Advanced Custom Fields Pro Download v5.10.2 Free GPL Plugin

Advanced Custom Fields Pro Download

Advanced Custom Fields Pro Download v5.10.2 – GPL WordPress premium Plugins Free | Gfx Update

Advanced Custom Fields Pro Download plugin free v5.10.2 available. Use the Advanced Custom Fields plugin to take full control of your WordPress edit screens & custom field data.

Advanced Custom Fields Pro GPL, popularly known as ACF, is one of the most famous plugins among WordPress developers. ACF is a complete solution for all your custom fields need in WordPress or WooCommerce.

It has support for most of the plugins out there like WP All Import. It has plenty of features and customization options that are very useful for new users as well as for pro developers.

Advanced Custom Fields Pro – ACF Pro GPL

Supercharge your website with powerful functionality!

Purchase ACF PRO and unlock ACF v5 plus the repeater field, flexible content field, gallery field and options page features!


Advanced Custom Fields is a free WordPress plugin that acts as a GUI layer for custom fields. Custom fields are native to WP and appear on pages, posts and custom post types, however, the native custom field interface is not very user-friendly. Here is the difference between native custom fields and Advanced Custom Fields.Field Groups

A field group contains your custom fields, location rules and display options. Each field group will use its location rules to display its fields on a specific edit screen, and then use the display options to customize the page. This is what a typical field group looks like:


Within a field group, you can create your fields. An example of this would be a field group called “Artist” which contains 2 fields “Biography” and “Thumbnail”.
Each field has a wide array of options to change it’s type (text, select, check-box, wysiwyg editor, etc), default value, required status, etc. You can even purchase Add-ons to unlock more powerful field types such as repeater, gallery and flexible content.

Location Rules

Similar to the iTunes smart playlist rules, the ACF location rules allow you to connect a field group to an edit screen. There are different types of rule connectors, such as post type, post ID, page template, taxonomy, etc.

Display Options

When a field group appears on an edit screen, the field group’s display options will be loaded. These allow you to hide elements on the page. For example, you may want to hide the default editor when the “Artist” field group is shown. This helps to minimise the edit screen and provide a more user friendly experience to the content enter-er.


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v5.10.2 – 31 August 2021

Fix – Fixed block duplication issues which created blocks with duplicate block IDs
Fix – Fixed an issue with ACF errors displaying in the media library outside of ACF fields
Fix – Changed label of “Enable Opacity?” to “Allow transparency” in the colour picker
Fix – Revert “style” attributes of ACF Blocks to 5.9.x behaviour for template compatibility
Fix – Allow safe HTML inside select2 field labels
Fix – Don’t render the “acf-block-preview” div when preloading blocks in edit mode

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